Ghostly Afraid - Sessions 2016

by Prose in Rosette



New vocal productions


released August 8, 2016

Prose in Rosette
Douglas Jay Hertel

instrumentals mastered by Shaun Morris



all rights reserved


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Prose in Rosette California

Prose in Rosette is a Modern Rock Act created and performed by Douglas Jay Hertel.

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Track Name: You Even Knew
softly risen out of the grave
ghostly afraid but led the way
over the twilight in their eyes
over the slippery slope
we’ll be just fine
awake to take the greatest sorrows
sell them tomorrow

if only we knew
where the dew resides
when the sunshine
dries it up
fills the cup
full of morning glory

well I knew that that dew
would reach the horizon
transparent skies in
no disguise to speak of
older now you never had a doubt
somewhere in the meantime
you wouldn’t have to
scream or shout
you wouldn’t have to
sing this so loud
benevolent second hand
sing your goodnights
in the war of sunshine

single Z would you let me sleep
if all I all I need
is to be sheltering you
in my dream
sometimes I see you through
but sunshine has a view
all night I’ve been trying you
and oh my you even knew
Track Name: Apollo Hollow
in all of the ways
that you’re trying to see me
would you see me
when I’m wrecked
in the holy light
I’ll wrap around you
see me through
well I’ve left
in a rocket from your doorstep
in the limitless
there I’m living forever
inside of my head
the jet stream trails
leaked from your bed
explorations that held your hand
in the explanations
of how I’ve been
are hello’s and goodnights
I see you’re in the light
you’ll be just fine

if the hollow words
trace back every footstep
would you believe in me
and lead me through
cause it seems like the hollow days
are full of witchcraft
would you stop that
if it was gonna last
cause I'm blinded by my doubt
in my memories
would you tell me
what this is all about
Track Name: One Devotion
wouldn’t you love to see
all the colors in your dream
shine on high
a split second gone by

in the gardens of forever
you’ll understand
the reasons why the seasons turned
as it leads me on my way
it echoes of today
trails off in the night
oh my my

in the mad sad world
the holy’s beginning
to shine sometime
over the blind

could you redefine
if there was a holy altar
would you be kind
if you were making me my own
somewhere in the sky
in the traveling water

when the grace plays
don’t you ever fake
the times we make
the holy we bring

and I know the ghost
that travels far and below
is in motion
lost devotion
sink or sail
over the ocean
one devotion
everything I wanna be
everything I’ve ever seen